Bella Mayford Pearl Jewellery

Bella Mayford Pearl Jewellery
Pearl Jewellery and Why They Are a Classic Addition to Any Outfit
When it comes to classic jewelry, our mind always thinks of pearls. Pearls are one of the most beautiful jewels with a blend of modern and traditional style. This jewelry is best for festive parties as they complement most attires that come their way. At parties, you’ll hardly miss the sight of ladies wearing pearl in their ears and around the neck.
It’s no secret that every woman admires the spark of gemstones, but jewelery is not all about accessorizing your outfit. Instead, combining real pearls with real gold and silver is the bestdecision to customize your jewelery collection. Provided you choose carefully; you’ll always cherish the custom jewelery that comes from the two. Pearls are a jewel that have been there for many generations and which are highly revered to by many. Well, here are the best pearls in 2020.
1. Lux Pearl Earrings
If you would like to personalize your fashion statement with luxurious and elegant earrings, then I’d suggest you get yourself a pair of Lux pearl earrings. They are highly attractive and are crafted from high-quality sterling silver. Whether you are attending a holiday party or get-together, it’s always the right time to show off your love and desire for fashion. That said, these earrings coordinate best with most outfits ensuring you stand out from everyone. Besides, they’re a fabulous accessory, and have a professional look too if you plan to adorn them to the office. 

2. Mini Cuff with Hanging Pearl, Silver 
Popular among models, these gorgeous earrings adorned with hanging pearls are any woman’s dream jewelry. It has a classic and contemporary modern look that accentuates your outfit. It’s also designed with a perfect style, quality and craftsmanship that makes it an important asset to any jewelery collection. More so, this hanging design accentuates its beauty making it irresistible among those who admire beauty and luxury. It also offers you versatility with its three 14K plating options that offers you numerous jewelry options.

3. Freshwater Pearl Cuff, Silver 
Well, if you are looking for the ideal romantic gift, then this bangle is the ultimate deal. It has an open design that is easy to wear and a freshwater pearl that brings the best of your fashion. If you love adorning glamorous clothes for weddings, anniversaries and parties, then this bangle is a must-have for your jewelry collection. More so, it’s handcrafted, and the designers used high-quality materials in its build and construction to ensure its flawless and elegant. Besides, it comes in three 14K plating options, that is, gold, platinum and rose gold.
The most classic and sophisticated earrings, bangles, necklaces and chains are those of pearl material. This versatile option is suitable for both casual and formal if you have no pearl jewelery in your closet now, then it’s time to head to the stores for one. Besides, most pearl jewelery offers users different sizes, shapes and color options too, which gives you versatility on the item to buy. 



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