What exactly is vermeil? Or how about a lariat? Or even a bond? What is the distinction between semi-precious and valuable gemstones?

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Drop earrings are similar to dangle earrings in that they hang below the earlobe and swing back and forth and/or side to side. They might be very short or they can dangle all the way down to your shoulders. The terms 'drop earrings' and 'dangle earrings' are sometimes used interchangeably.



Dangle earrings are similar to drop earrings in that they hang below the earlobe and swing back and forth, as well as side to side. They might be relatively short or they can hang all the way down to your shoulders. 'Dangle earrings' and 'drop earrings' are phrases that are sometimes used interchangeably.



The little component that holds a post earring in place on your ear by attaching to the back of it. The earring is held in place by the tension between the scrolling metal components. Take a look at our extra silver earring backs.



An earring component composed of wire that is worn by those who have their ears pierced. The traditional shepherd's hook, with the design's focal element hanging from the front of the ear wire, is a popular style. Ear hooks, as they're often known, are most commonly found in dangle or drop earrings.



This simple gemstone cut comes in square or rectangular shapes and is best suited for large, clear jewels.



Items of jewelry with a decorative coating applied to a metal that is relatively thick. The enamel is usually coloured. Glass powder is fused to metal at high temperatures, generally in a kiln, to create traditional enamel. Today, cold enamel, an epoxy-based coloring solution that dries firm and adheres to metal, can be used. When buying enameled items, it's important to know which type you're getting.



A rather thick ornamental coating put to a metal is used to cover jewelry objects. Enamel is usually tinted. Glass powder is fused to metal using high temperatures, generally in a kiln, to create traditional enamel. Cold enamel, an epoxy-based colorant that dries hard and adheres to metal, can now be used. It's important to know the type of enameled object you're buying before buying it.



This is the method of creating designs on metal by corroding away the parts of the design that you don't want. This produces a less precise finish than engraving, but it has its own beauty.



Facets are the flat surfaces generated when a stone or glass is sliced. They can also occur naturally.



Cut surfaces on a faceted gemstone make it catch light and glitter. A traditional diamond shape is frequently the most popular cut. The gemstone's top has several facets, and the rear ends in a point in the middle. Is most commonly set in a claw or prong setting. A rose cut is when a cabochon cut gemstone is faceted on top and flat on the back (see below).



An extremely ornate type of jewelry manufacturing in which precious metal wire is twisted to create delicate tracework patterns.



Components that are utilized in the construction of jewelry pieces to link or adorn them. Clasps, jump rings, earring backs, earring wires or hooks, brooch pins, and other components are usually not the main emphasis of a design. All Simone Walsh Jewelry findings are sterling silver unless otherwise stated.



Fine jewelry, as opposed to costume or fashion jewelry, is often defined as jewelry crafted with precious metals and gemstones (see above). Although there is some disagreement about whether fine jewelry should only include items made of solid gold, platinum, and precious stones, the word is now widely understood to include jewelry made of any precious metal and any gemstone.



Pure silver is what fine silver is. Pure silver has a silver content of at least 99.9%, according to the technical definition. Although it tarnishes much less than sterling silver, its soft and malleable nature limits its usage in jewelry creation. The majority of jewelry is made of sterling silver alloy (see below).



Freshwater pearls are grown in freshwater mollusks rather than saltwater oysters. These pearls are less expensive than saltwater pearls and can be made in a variety of shapes.



A gemstone is defined as a mineral crystal that has been cut and polished for use in jewellery or other decorative products. Some rocks (such as lapis lazuli, opal, and jade) and biological materials (such as pearl and amber) are utilised in a similar way and are frequently regarded as jewels. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are precious gemstones, whereas all other gemstones are semi-precious. Man-made lab-grown or synthetic gemstones are less expensive than natural stones, however they may be more flawless. Pastes, glass beads, and Swarovski-style pieces aren't considered gemstones.



Gold is a naturally occurring valuable metal. It is a bright, somewhat orange yellow that is soft and flexible in its purest form. It is one among the least reactive chemical elements, making it valuable in the jewellery industry because it tarnishes slowly and is unaffected by most substances. Solid gold is also incredibly expensive: by weight, it is normally roughly 50 times more expensive than silver. Gold is commonly alloyed with other metals to make it tougher for use in jewellery. The amount of carats indicates the purity of the gold, with 24ct representing pure gold and 9ct representing minimal gold. Find out more about gold.


These are defects that can be noticed on the inside of a gemstone. Foreign items, stone cracks, aberrant crystals, and so forth are examples of these. The lesser the value of a gemstone, the more inclusions it has. Inclusions, on the other hand, can be highly attractive and distinguish each gemstone with them. Some gemstones, such as moss agate, are prized for their stunning inclusions.



Hoop earrings with a portion of the earring going through an ear piercing to keep it in place. They can be as basic as wire circles or as complex and bulky as you want. Hoop earrings are a classic earring style.



Rather than being found in nature and mined, lab grown gemstones are created in laboratories. They are usually manufactured in the same way as natural variation, but in a faster, less expensive, and less destructive manner. The end result is a gem that is nearly identical to the mined counterpart, although lab-created gems are usually flawless in terms of quality and clarity. The advantages of lab generated and simulated diamonds include their lower cost, as well as the fact that they are frequently more sustainable and ethical than high-value mined stones. For these reasons, Simone Walsh Jewelry uses lab created gems whenever possible, especially in substitution of high-value wild stones.



A lariat necklace is a lasso-style necklace with one unclasped end strung through a loop to keep it in place. A lariat can also refer to a long necklace that can be folded in half and both ends threaded through the center loop. Depending on how they are attached, certain lariat necklaces can be quite a bit longer than other necklace styles. Always double-check the length details.



A strong clasp with a lobster claw form and a little spring within that allows it to operate. Parrot clasps and carabiner clasps are two terms that describe similar forms. This sort of clasp may be found on some of our heavier Simone Walsh Jewellery necklaces and many of our bracelets.



A strong clasp with a lobster claw form and a little spring within that allows it to operate. Parrot clasps and carabiner clasps are two terms that describe similar forms. This sort of clasp may be found on some of our heavier Simone Walsh Jewelry necklaces and many of our bracelets.



A style of pendant with separate front and back components that open to reveal a gap between them. The space has traditionally been used to store a photograph or other small thing such as a curl of hair, implying that these items of jewelry have a strong sentimental significance. Check out our locket necklaces, which offer more contemporary open locket designs.

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