How To Save Your Jewellery From Becoming Tarnished

How To Save Your Jewellery From Becoming Tarnished

We're confident that once you see your new jewellery, you'll never want to take it off! Our collections were created to be worn and enjoyed on a daily basis. However, all that TLC can cause your favourite pieces to lose some of their original lustre. Don't worry; we've compiled a list of helpful hints to help you avoid tarnishing and keep your Bella Mayford jewellery glistening for years to come.

Perfume Comes First, Followed By Jewellery

We all know that no outfit is complete without jewellery (heaps of it for that matter). It's the finishing touch before heading out the door, your second skin and without it you feel naked! So, before you spray your favourite fragrance, keep in mind that perfumes will cause your prized possessions to tarnish over time. To maintain the original lustre of your jewellery, keep it away from lotions, oils, perfumes, chlorine, and other chemicals. We suggest moisturising and applying a light layer of perfume first, allowing a few minutes for it to settle before layering your items.

Don't Break a Sweat

If you enjoy spinning, crossfit, hot yoga, online workouts, or running, we always suggest removing your jewellery before exercising.When your jewellery is exposed to the chemicals found in sweat, it will tarnish. So, the next time you go spinning on a Saturday morning, remember to leave your chains and stacking rings at home! If you simply cannot leave the house without wearing jewellery (we understand), wear your favourite stud or hoop earrings, as the exposure to earrings would be reduced.

Bath Time

We've all seen the Instagram videos from the bathtub, right? Bubbles were overflowing, candles everywhere, wine in hand, and rings were stacked. As much as we'd all like to go all out in the bath, having our jewellery wet is never a good idea. Resist submerging your jewels in water or making them wet on a regular basis to keep them looking their best; you don't want to risk tarnishing their natural beauty.

Storing Your Jewellery

It's just as important to know where your jewellery goes when you're not wearing it.  When your jewellery is exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, it will oxidise. It's better to keep your prized possessions in a clean, dry setting, such as a jewellery box or a fabric-lined case. The fabric pouch that your Bella Mayford jewellery comes in is a perfect place to store it and will keep it looking as good as new.

Following these basic guidelines will ensure that your jewellery shines for years to come! Now is the time to look for your next favourite piece, so look through the bestsellers.

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