Shopping for Gemstones: A Beginner's Guide to Buying Jewelry

Beautiful lapis, rich ruby, amazing aquamarine, stunning garnet, and lovely pearls. A girl's best friend is diamonds. Every day, you see them dangling from a golden chain, gleaming on a finger, or glinting on a wrist. On an engagement ring, they are a universal sign of love. At some time, everyone will have to purchase one. But, in order to get that right gemstone, what should a regular buyer search for? Color, cut, pricing, and meaning are the four key groups that a buyer should consider.

The color of a gemstone is the first feature that everyone observes (unless they are colorblind). Gemstones come in every color of the rainbow, as well as everything in between. Black, brown, grey, white, colorless, and metallic are examples of this. Diamonds, believe it or not, are available in nearly every colour imaginable, including black. Spinel, zircon, sapphire, and certain chrysoberyl are examples of this. Rubies and red beryl are the greatest quality available if you want a deep red color. Aquamarine, blue beryl, sapphire, topaz, and some opals are blue gemstones. Kunzite, morganite, sapphire, and diamonds are among the lovely pink gemstones.

These four jewels, as well as the ever-popular plum garnet, are also available in purple. Tsavorite is a lovely green stone, and if you say it correctly, you'll be rewarded with an emerald...another green gem. Try a padparadscha if you want a difficult-to-pronounce jewel. It has an orange and yellow color to it. Ametrine and watermelon tourmaline, for example, are very rare gemstones. On one half, one color is used, while on the other, a different color is used.


Let's figure out the cut of the real gemstone now that you've decided on a hue. The brilliant cut, which is a simple round cut with many facets that brings out the "fire" in the stone, is the most popular. The sweetheart cut, which is popular around Valentine's Day, is another option. A marquise cut is fashioned like a football, with slender ends and a fat center. A trillion cut is a triangle, whereas a square cut (sometimes known as a princess cut) is a square. The emerald cut is a rectangle that is a variation of the square cut. Technology improves every day as time passes. This has an impact on gem cutting. Many additional cuts have been developed, including the step, scissors, checkerboard, and other elegant cuts. Many jewelry designers are creating their own cuts and calling them after themselves.

Okay, now that you have the colour and the cut, let's add it all together to get a total price. Jewelry comes in a wide range of prices. There are ordinary mothers, and then there are gem collectors who work at museums. Diamonds are the most expensive, and any stone from the topaz family is the least expensive. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are all in the same price range as diamonds. Alexandrite, morganite, kunzite, and tanzanite are some of the most valuable collector gems. The cut is also determined by the pricing. A basic oval cut, for example, would be less expensive than a trillion cut with checkerboard facets.


Once you've selected the correct colour, cut, and price within your budget, you might consider these little details and gemstone meanings. A birthstone is a gemstone that is associated with each month. The birthstone for January is garnet, which represents love and passion. February is amethyst, which stands for sincerity, March is emerald, which stands for love and success, June is a pearl, which stands for health, July is a ruby, which stands for contentment, August is peridot, which stands for long married happiness, September is sapphire, which stands for clear thinking, October is opal, which stands for hope, November is citrine, which stands for fidelity, and finally, December is zircon, Jade is an ancient Chinese stone associated with good fortune.


Any gemstone is stunning, from alexandrite to zircon. Gemstones have a mystical quality to them. Everyone should be grateful for these priceless riches from deep within the Earth or beneath the waters of the sea. By understanding these four primary divisions, a shopper should now be able to find and acquire their ideal diamond.


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