The Bella Mayford Cinema Club Hosted by Founder Damian Alexander-Du'bel

Regent Street Cinema, London was the venue of our 1st Bella Mayford Cinema Club event. An event that was organised to celebrate women. Hosted by Founder Damian Alexander-Du'bel , It was graced by women from all walks of life who came to celebrate the beginning of a partnership between Bella Mayford and the Wonder Foundation Women's Charity who are globally empowering women, girls, and communities through education. We have created one piece of beautiful jewellery specifically to give every Queen the opportunity to connect and give back to Queens in need from around the globe. 20 Percent of every Queens charity Bracelet sale is given back to the Wonder Foundation. Thanks to our partners Wonder Foundation who were in attendance with our Founder Damian Alexander-Du'bel on the day to celebrate-



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