Why 'Only Because' Gifts Are Necessary

Why 'Only Because' Gifts Are Necessary

You don't always need a justification for letting others know that you care about them. It's not their birthday, it's not an anniversary, and there may not even be a holiday in sight, but the best way to make someone feel loved is to have a little gift.

Little reminders such as these are more relevant than ever now. It was hard for everyone not to be able to hug their families or see their gal pals on a Friday night, we know. We spend endless hours on Zoom calls and FaceTime chats trying to catch up with those we love, but sometimes an unexpected gift will mean more than any words to let your friends and family know that you care about them.


For all your 'only because' jewellery needs, we've curated the perfect gift guide. You're thinking about the right selection of items to let someone you love know about them. Inspired by the idea or captures transformation and hope, sections such as the 'Double Butterfly Bracelet' and that together we are stronger than we are alone.

bella mayford double butterfly bracelet


Or the 'Pink Oval Gemstone of Rose Quarts' because this crystal reflects unconditional love and is believed to facilitate the formation of deep and meaningful relationship bonds.



The 'Queen X-Pavé Ring' is perfect if you're looking for a piece to send to a powerful woman in your life. Each piece is influenced by the elegance, strength and courage of the women we know and love, and is part of our Signature series.



Our Queen X-Pavé Ring is an exquisite on-trend piece designed to turn heads. A criss-cross design and Pavé adorned, this stunning ring is designed to draw attention. Featuring the powerful Queen figurine, this makes the perfect gift for any woman wanting to make a statement.


Remember, not every gift needs a reason-sometimes it's just a case of 'you saw something and you thought it would be appreciated! 

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