Corporate Gifting

Gestures Of Gratitude


We are pleased to deliver a corporate service that tailors packages that, through the gift of jewellery, watches, bags and scarfs that express the highest form of gratitude to colleagues and clients.


With our thoughtful packages, available exclusively through our Corporate Gift Service, our wide range of gifts guarantee a suite of items to fit almost every recipient, from the jet-setter to the work-weary consumer to someone in need of a special kind of gift gesture.


We will advise on gifts suitable for individual recipients, as well as save you the tedium of shopping, and deliver them to your chosen doorway.


We offer complimentary delivery to your chosen address


Once you have made choices, we ask that you complete our Corporate Gifts Enquiry form so that we can review your request thoroughly and estimate any reduction that applies. We endeavour to respond to all inquiries within two business days, and thank you for your patience in advance.