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JEWELRY CARE: To practice the best care of your Bella Mayford fine fashion plated jewelry, avoid contact contact with all creams, liquids, perfumes, cosmetics, and household chemicals. These substances of the like may discolor, damage, leave residue, or cause your jewelry to tarnish. Always take your BM jewelry off before showering, bathing, swimming, or entering sauna or steam rooms.

Put your BM jewelry on when skin is dry. Keep your BM jewelry stored in a dry space. This will extend the life of its color and luster. To clean your BM jewelry, gently use a soft cloth to wipe off dirt or residue that may accumlate over time with use. We recommend a standard silver polishing cloth. We do not recommend the use of commercially available jewelry cleaning solutions or polishing agents, as these substances are very harsh and might damage your jewelry.

Naturally over time, collected residue may cause the metal to appear tarnished and occlude stones. It is also a natural characteristic of sterling silver metal to darken slightly over time.

Your BM jewels are delicated in nature and should be handled are stored with care.