(for watches)

WATCH CARE + FAQ'S: Our leather watch straps are genuine leather. We use the highest quality methods to prepare the leather for your skin. Variations and imperfections are natural characteristics of genuine leather products.

Over time, leather naturally may darken or fade in colour and texture -- this is a nod to the leather's purity; not defective or of quality concern. The natural ageing process of leather is considered a part of its organic beauty. In effort to provide resistance against dirt and moisture, we do recommend treating your leather strap with a leather protector before wear. Always handle your BM leather watch strap with care and keep it away from water, humidity, cosmetics, perfumes, chemicals, and intense sunlight to prevent damage. We carry limited stock of replacement leather straps for purchase, should any unwanted damage occur that might emplore you to seek a replacement for the straps alone.

Leather straps are not covered under warranty for replacement. Naturally, you may expect to replace light-colored straps approximately every twelve months. Unfortunately we do not offer recycled, faux, or vegan leather straps at this time, however, we do offer our lovely mesh straps as an alternative for those not interested in genuine leather. Approximate adjustment capabilities for all BM leather watch straps and all BM mesh watch straps are approximately 15 cm to 21 cm. We use the finest plating methods available for the metal portions of your BM watch. It is the nature of plating to wear over time. In an effort to extend its life, always handle your BM watch with care and keep it away from creaams, cosmetics, perfumes, water, humidity and chemicals.

Of the three metal color options that we offer (gold, rose gold, platinum): rose gold plating is naturally the least durable and over time will fade the quickest. Your BM watch is water-resistant at a rating of 1 ATM (also known as 1 Bar or 10 meters). It is not suitable for water submersion but is resistant to modest rain/water splashes; intended for everyday-use. We always recommend removing your BM watch before swimming, showering, bathing, or entering sauna or steam rooms. Condensation may appear under the glass face of your BM watch if you expereince a sudden change in temperature or pressure; do not attempt to expose your watch to heat in an effort to dry out the condensation as it may cause damage to thewatch and will only cause the condensation to persist.

Water damage is not covered under warranty for replacement. Average battery life of your BM watch is 12 months. Battery replacements are not covered under warranty. Your Bella Mayford watch includes a limited warranty of defects in workmanship or materials covering a period of one year after original purchase date. This warranty does not cover batteries, glass, plating, straps, water penetration, or accidental damage caused by lack of care.