The Timeless Lux, Rose Gold
The Timeless Lux, Rose Gold

The Timeless Lux, Rose Gold

Bella Mayford


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Just as it says in the name, our Timeless Lux watch is eternally lavish and beautiful. The unmatchable style of this design is simultaneously elegant, sophisticated, striking, and bold—you are sure to endlessly turn heads with this standout accessory. Perfect to wear as an everyday watch, or to pair with a more professional getup, this practical and stylish design will always work to enhance your skilled and efficient appearance. The ideal piece for helping you manage your busy schedule while maintaining your high-end, fashionable, and unstoppable aura—you will not find a more finely crafted watch than this one. 

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Designed in London

We are a brand that cares about our PRODUCTS and we care about you. Because of this we use quality materials that will last and provide the correct after care required to make your experience with bella mayford the best.

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