Who Is Bella Mayford?

Who Are We? Bella Mayford is a women’s watches, jewellry, and accessories brand designed and developed in London. Our Founder Damian Alexander-Du'bel ( www.damianalexanderdubel.com )travelled around the globe and worked across oceans to create a brand with one ultimate mission: to connect and empower women worldwide.
No matter your age, social status, economic background, heritage, culture, shape, size, or color -- we are all QUEENS -- the most powerful player in the game of chess; and life. Bella Mayford connects and represents the beauty within all of us.

We aim to remind every woman that you, too, are a queen
We aspire for all queens to join hand-in-hand with one another
& We are here to make every woman feel like the modern day queen!
Bella Mayford